java-serial-port 0.3.0

Hot on the heals of the java-serial-port v0.2.0 release last night, I bring you v0.3.0   This version adds support for Linux ARM which brings the supported platform tally to:

  • Mac OS X x68_64
  • Linux x86_64
  • Linux ARM

I know someone that may work on the Windows port, so hopefully that will land soon.  I’m also going to try creating a p2 repository in addition to the Bndtools repository.  As always, feedback and contrbutions are welcome.

java-serial-port 0.2.0

I have released v0.2.0 of the java-serial-port.  This release adds support for Linux x86_64.  Next up, I hope to get Linux ARM 32 working.  As always, feedback and contributions are welcome.

java-serial-port 0.1.0

I have been working on a couple new ideas that I will reveal in due time.  Part of that work has necessitated the development of a Java serial port interface.  I have open-sourced this part of the project and java-serial-port v0.1.0 is available for OS X users to give it a try.

I’m planning on a Linux port, but do not have a timeframe for that work.  If you would like to speed up the process, contributions are welcome.  It would also be nice to have a Windows port, but I don’t do Windows, so a contribution would be appreciated.

The code is packaged as an OSGi bundle and a Bndtools repository is available at:

Finally, API documentation is also available.

Bndtools Equinox App Kit

I have created an app kit for building OSGi applications using Equinox with Bndtools at:

The app kit is split across several branches so that you may choose the content that best suits your application.  Each main branch has a corresponding examples branch that contains a working example.  You will find launchers in the dev project for the base framework, and in the example projects for running the examples.

Main Branches

  • master : bare bones OSGi with a working console
  • ds : master + declarative services
  • web : ds + servlets
  • rest : web + JAX-RS
  • mongo-rest : rest + MongoDB

Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to get started with OSGi.

eModeling 1.0.0 Released

I have released eModeling version 1.0.0.  eModeling provides a set of OSGi services and extensions for EMF.  Features include:

  • Services for creating and configuring an EMF ResourceSet with custom URI handlers
  • A service for creating URI mappings from service configuration properties – includes metatype
  • A service for creating a ResourceSet that can be used like a cache in the UI thread
  • An EMF model of generic collections
  • An EMF model for storing OSGi log data
  • An EMF model for creating and parsing a simple model query expression
  • Custom Hamcrest matchers for comparing two EMF model object instances for equality

For more information, please see the wiki.

This project is the last dependency to be released from a large refactoring of MongoEMF.  Now that eModeling is finished, I can complete the MongoEMF 0.8.0 release.  I hope to have this completed by the end of the year.