About Me

I am an architect and developer for a set of web based tools used in large-scale test automation.  I have expertise in large-scale distributed systems, test automation, and test failure analysis.  My formal training is in Electrical Engineering with a BS and MS from New Mexico State University.  My background in programming is mostly self-taught and inspired by my never-ending amazement at what can be accomplished with a computer, a little imagination, and good code.

My current technology interests include: Kubernetes, RESTful web services, Typescript, and EmberJS.

This blog is about software development.  I hope to share things I’ve learned about using software for practical applications.  I try to provide complete examples with enough detail that the novice coder can get working with a little effort, while picking topics that interest the seasoned hacker.  If you find anything unclear about an example, please comment on the post, and I will try to provide additional information to help you get it working.