MongoEMF Update

I have a couple of updates for you on the MongoEMF project.  First off, I have released version 0.6.0.  This version brings a significant refactoring to the structure of the project to make way for a new query engine.  More on this in a bit.  I changed all OSGi services to use declarative services (DS), so you will now need to include the appropriate DS bundle for your favorite OSGi container.  I also removed lazy bundle activation (Neil will be proud) so you must make sure the org.eclipselabs.mongo and org.eclipselabs.mongo.emf.query.simple bundles get started.  Finally, I added the ability for a query to return a cursor instead of materializing all of the objects.  Please see the Release Notes for all the details.

The current query engine in MongoEMF has several limitations that need to be overcome.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have proposed a Google Summer of Code project to re-write the query engine using Xtext.  Tiger Gui has submitted a student proposal to Google for this project.  He has already done some prototyping and the results look very promising.  If you are interested in seeing Eclipse accept this project for GSoC, please show your support on the soc-dev mailing list.  If you have any feedback on the design of the new query engine, please post to the MongoEMF community forum.

Right now, I’m taking a serious look at the OSGi services in MongoEMF.  I’m planning on refactoring them in the next release to include the ability to configure Mongo instances through the OSGi ConfigAdmin.  If you have any interest in this area, you feedback is welcome.

Finally, I’m considering proposing MongoEMF as an Eclipse project.  I don’t expect to begin the process until we get close to the 1.0 release.  Would you, the community, support this project proposal and the move to an Eclipse project?