MongoEMF 0.5.0 Released

I have released version 0.5.0 of MongoEMF.  MongoEMF is a bridge between MongoDB and the Eclipse Modeling Framework making it very easy to store and retrieve instances of EMF objects in MongoDB.  This version includes the ability to provide custom data type converters for storing non-native attribute values as a native type in MongoDB.  For example, you can now store a Calendar as a long.  The code was also refactored into a builder pattern, giving you the ability to completely customize how objects are serialized and deserialized in the database.  For a complete list of new features, please see the Release Notes.  I have also made some progress on a User Guide.  If you have any interest in contributing to this project, please contact me.


2 thoughts on “MongoEMF 0.5.0 Released

  1. Under what scenario would it make sense to use MongoEMF instead of the Mongo connector for CDO? I know for large models, I would probably want to use CDO so it doesn’t hold everything in memory, but I am curious about the advantages of straight on EMF. Perhaps performance?

    • I haven’t looked at CDO in a long time, so this question might be better for Eike. One thing to consider is how CDO maps objects into MongoDB. MongoEMF gives you complete control on how objects are stored into collections which can make a big difference when sharding. You also get low level controls like access to the write concern. In the end, I think it will come down to your usage model.

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