Running Rational Team Concert (Jazz) on Eclipse 3.5 / Mac OS X

Rational Team Concert 2.0 has been released. With a little work, you can get the client running on Eclipse 3.5 and the server running on Mac OS X.


The Jazz team does not officially support running the server on OS X, and a download that runs on OS X out-of-the-box is not available.  With a couple of minor modifications, the Linux server download will run on OS X just fine.

  1. Download the Express C Server for Linux.
  2. Unzip the download
  3. Launch the Terminal
  4. cd jazz/server
  5. rm -rf jre (the Linux JRE is obviously not needed on OS X)
  6. Edit tomcat/conf/server.xml.  You need to modify the Connector specification for port 9443.  Search for SSL_TLS and change it to TLS.  Also change the next line from IbmX509 to SunX509.  The resulting Connector specification should look like:
  7. <Connector port="9443"
    			   URIEncoding="UTF-8" />
  8. Edit server.startup and server.shutdown changing JRE_HOME from `pwd`/jre to /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home
  9. While editing server.startup add -XX:MaxPermSize=256m to JAVA_OPTS
  10. Launch the server ./server.startup

If you want to make sure the server started correctly, you can tail -f tomcat/logs/catalina.out and watch the server startup.  If you see any exceptions thrown, something went wrong.  If all goes well, the last message you see in the log should be:

INFO: Server startup in xxxxx ms

To get started right away, launch Safari and point it to https://localhost:9443/jazz login with User: ADMIN and Password: ADMIN.  You can use this admin account to create a personalized account.  Don’t forget to give yourself a Developer license.


These instructions are not specific to Mac OS X – they should work for any OS.

The Jazz team does support a Mac OS X Client as an incubator project, but the client is based on Eclipse 3.4.  You can download the client and get the jazz bundles to work in an Eclipse 3.5 environment.   The Jazz client has dependencies on the following features:

With the exception of SDO, all of the features can be installed from the Galileo update site.  To get SDO, add the EMF releases update site and install the SDO runtime from the EMF 2.4.2 release.

From the downloaded client, move all of the sub-folders in jazz/client/eclipse/jazz to your Eclipse 3.5 dropins folder.  You could use P2 to install the contents of those sub-folders; however, you must manually check every bundle to be installed.  I’d rather spend 10 seconds doing a drag-and-drop rather than 15 minutes checking checkboxes.

After you launch the client, you should be able to open the Team Artifacts view and create a connection to the repository at https://localhost:9443/jazz

Next Steps

See the Jazz web site for tutorials on getting started.

Update: Added -XX:MaxPermSize=256m to the server instructions


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